Eugene Register-Guard guest viewpoint: 'Cohousing community a viable plan'

Excerpts from an article by Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing project manager Will Dixon are included below. Read his entire guest viewpoint, published in the Sept. 8 Eugene Register-Guard.

"Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing is a dedicated group of 22 households who are continuing to move toward our goal of building Eugene’s first cohousing community. We are teachers, nurses, retirees and more — we are 'the developer' of OMC referred to in the Aug. 25 guest viewpoint by John Fenn and Scott Stedman.

"OMC members are putting their own money into this project as we strive for a more sustainable, ecological, village-like lifestyle where we can raise families within a community that provides support, security and aging in place. Along with each household’s financial stake in the project, we have jointly dedicated thousands of hours over the past four years to designing and nurturing the physical, social and organizational aspects of the community."