'OMC will be best use of the land' headlines 'letter to the editor'

"What’s really behind the resistance to Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing? How representative of the community as a whole is the opposition?" wrote Eugenian Leslie Peterson in "OMC will be best use of the land," the most recent "letter to the editor" in the local press to support our innovative mixed-generation cohousing project forming in Eugene, Oregon.

"OMC plans a modest multiple-family development of 28 residential units in seven two-story buildings and a common house. The plan meets current zoning standards and is the type of infill that accommodates population growth while protecting farms and forests from unplanned development and urban sprawl. ... A vacant lot is lying fallow. Situated within the city adjacent to a pedestrian-bike path, development is a matter of when and what, not if." Read Leslie's entire letter in the Sept. 23, 2015, Eugene Register-Guard.