Our Summer of 2015 'Top 10'

Here at Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing, we’re a mix of longtime residents of Oregon, including old-time Eugenians, along with Eugene newbies. This summer we’re having a great time, including taking full advantage of Eugene and its slogan, “A great city for the arts and outdoors.” Some of our summertime pursuits are social, some solitary. Some involve long-distance travel, and others are taking place in our own backyards. Here’s a look at our Top 10.  

  1. Family Time/ Life Changes — From weddings and family visits to kids’ college plans and retirement-related paperwork, we’ve got a lot going on — like everyone else. Our pets are family too, and we’re certainly enjoying them this summer.
  2. Friendship — This summer we’ve been invited to friends’ weddings and barbecues, among other events. 
  3. Travel — Check out our travel plans, which include a trip to Maine, group camping along the South Fork of the McKenzie River in the Willamette National Forest, and a hiatus in southern Utah. 
  4. Outdoor Activities — We’ll be exploring new hikes in the Cascades; swimming in oceans, lakes and pools; tubing on the Willamette River; and rafting the McKenzie. Fishing, sailing and boating are also favorites. 
  5. Self-improvement — We will be working on improving our barbecuing skills; learning new bicycling routes; creating an iBook to archive family photos; attending political rallies and organization meetings along with Lexicon of Sustainability/Edible Garden Group/North Shore Permaculture Group meetups; and taking online classes. 
  6. Gardening — We love spending time in our gardens and working in the yard. Specifically, we’re growing — and eating — new varieties of mild peppers. We’re also picking and freezing raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, and making jam.
  7. Sports — Around town look for us at baseball games and track meets.  We’ll also be folk dancing.
  8. Arts and Culture — As a sampling: Oregon Country Fair, Fourth of July at Alton Baker Park, Wicked, Shakespeare festivals, Concerts in the Park, movies and books.
  9. Home Improvement — In anticipation of our groundbreaking, we’re got our “to-do” lists for getting our homes on the real estate market.
  10. Downsizing — It’s a summer of “stuff” as we anticipate and prepare for our individually owned units, which although smaller than conventional housing definitely all include their own full kitchens. We also share the desire to live more simply. Consequently we’re busy sorting, organizing, selling and donating.