'OMC opponents are a small group' headlines 'letter to the editor' in support of Eugene, Ore., cohousing project

"OMC opponents are a small group" headlined a Eugene Register-Guard "letter to the editor" Oct. 2  in support of Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing, a mixed-generation cohousing project forming in Eugene, Oregon.

Here are excerpts from the letter, written by Joan Connolly: 

"When I moved to Oakleigh Lane in 1989, I appreciated the area’s diversity of houses and neighbors. ... Those beautiful friendships with next-door neighbors inspired the launch of a cohousing project at the river end of Oakleigh Lane. ... Slated for development — like all of the other large lots within the urban growth boundary — the blackberry patch at the end of Oakleigh Lane found its calling. ... However, a small band of adjacent neighbors have declared, 'It’s fine the way it is, stay away,' and kept the project in court for the past two years." Read Joan's letter.

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