'OMC has many positive elements' says letter writer

A "letter to the editor" was published in today's Eugene Register-Guard in support of our innovative mixed-generation cohousing project forming in Eugene, Oregon.

Here are excerpts from the Oct. 1 letter, "OMC has many positive elements," which was written by Deb Carey: 

"After a five-year search, we invested our life savings as one of 22 current 'developers' of Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing. ... Why would we move from Massachusetts to Eugene to live in cohousing? Because cohousing is a community of friends helping each other through life, with many generations around us. ... While developing OMC has taken a lot of time, we’re cheered that our application has been approved three times — by the city hearings official, the city planning commission and the state Land Use Board of Appeals." Read Deb's entire letter.

As background, Oakleigh Meadow Cohousing will include a Common House and 28 privately owned homes, all with their own complete kitchens. Currently we are 22 full member households and two associate member households interested in creating a unique "new old-fashioned neighborhood." For an an aerial overview, watch the 3D video of our project on YouTube

If you're unfamiliar with cohousing, view this animation titled "Community 2.0: Is Cohousing the Future of Urban Design?"