OMC Summer 2014 Updates

Happy summer! Here is our summer 2014 update. Please share it with anyone who might be interested in exploring cohousing, whether they live in Eugene now, or might want to re-locate to Eugene. Who most benefits from living in cohousing?

-- Families with children who want to be close to neighbors for resources, support, and fun
-- People looking to bring more community into their life when retiring from their work community
-- Single people or couples, looking for more opportunities to socialize and connect with others regularly
--Individuals and families with adults that work jobs with long hours, wanting to come home to meals waiting
-- Multiple generations of families who want to live with/near each other, but in their own homes
-- Introverts and others who want more connection in their lives, but without having to go out and make it happen
-- People wanting to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, but need ideas and support from others to sustain choices made for living such a lifestyle
-- People interested in community living, group processes, and personal growth

If you know anyone who might benefit in such ways from living in cohousing, share our newsletter and website with them.

Cheers! Stay cool and enjoy the sunshine!