Hey OMCers! What have you been up to?

Barbara likes to spend time on the water, kayaking. She tells us about it here...

"When I moved to Eugene in 2004, I never would have guessed that I would take up whitewater kayaking. I did have a love for the rivers starting in my teenage years of canoeing the Little Miami River in Indiana.

My search for a boating community here led me to a boating Safety Course put on by the Willamette Kayak and Canoe Club. I rented an inflatable kayak for a couple trips with my new friends, but I wanted to be in a hardshell to have the kind of fun I saw them having!

I procured an old boat and some basic gear and started paddling every weekend, often on both days. I even read my kayak magazines before I went to bed so I would dream about kayaking! On Thursdays I took my boat to Echo Hollow pool to practice rolling and bracing. When you wear a drysuit, you can kayak all year, so the winter rains just give us more rivers to play on.

It is such a joy to be right down in the river with the water flowing and dancing around you. Catching the right line to guide my boat through a rapid is a thrilling skill. I can sit still in an eddy behind a rock and admire the power of the current as it flows by, then, with a paddle stroke, I turn and become part of it, flying down the river as the spray hits my face. No matter how often I go, there are always skills to work on and tricks to learn."